Monday Made It likes


We are doing a bit of renovating here at the moment.  The garage door is going and we are putting in a sliding door so that the garage is finally a room we can use whether it is hot or cold.

So I thought I might have a look through the homewares section for some goodies to share with you.  Here are my finds for today:

monday made it Collage

  1. Vintage case side table by Red Zebra Designs
  2. Pink Whimsy Garden door stop by Tiges and Weince
  3. Argyle print bongo drum ottoman by Coco & Milo
  4. Vintage Decoupaged picture with lavender by Decou Deco
  5. Handpainted Retro Wooden bowl by ken + mona retro revived
  6. Ragg torn mat by joseph & mary design
  7. Garden toile lampshade with base by Set Adrift
  8. Olive green cabinet by Fob Watch Furniture


I’m really loving the retro bowl.  Happy shopping!!!

Jennifer xx


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