Holiday Time!!!

Yep its time for a Christmas break with my family.  Can’t wait to see what old Saint Nick has left under the Christmas tree for all the boys and girls.  I will be closing up shop from Saturday 19th December and reopening Monday 11th January 2016.

shop closing 19th December

I’m looking forward to switching off and enjoying the Christmas holiday with my little family.  I will be at the Jimboomba markets for the last time this year and there will be some great market only specials.

But make sure that you have signed up for our newsletter.  I have some great things planned next year and really don’t want you to miss out.

Jennifer x


Goals for 2016

Hello Lovely’s

24 days to Christmas!!! I know I’m sorry for reminding you and if it helps I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas presents from Santa, but what I have been doing is reflecting back on the past year  and having a good hard look at Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs.  Looking at what I am currently doing and deciding what it is I really want to do and where I need to start.

And it helped that I was lucky enough to be selected as  a recipient of a scholarship this year with Ausmumpreneurs to complete their 28 day challenge and my first weeks assignment was to write down my strengths, opportunities, aspirations and reflections.

So what are my plans/goals for Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs, well firstly I had a long hard look at what I am currently creating and what I would love to continue to make and what I needed to discontinue.  See my problem is that I love to sew and I get so many ideas and instead of writing them down and putting them away until I have finished what I am currently doing, I actually drop everything and have to make it straight away.  And just because I think its a great idea doesn’t necessarily mean that others love, need or want them.

The next thing on my goal list is to create distinct product lines for my store.  This is something I have already started to do with redesigning my nappy wallets.  I already have a little list of things to follow but firstly I would like to just concentrate on these until I can get my product out there and create a demand.

And thirdly, I would love to open my own online store.  I have loved my selling experience with the and selling platforms but i think that it is time that I stood on my own to feet so to speak.  But most importantly and top of my list is my family and creating a better family/work life balance.  It helps that my little man starts school next year which means that I will have my nights and weekends back and I can give them my full attention during this time while concentrating on Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs while they are at work/school.

There are a few little more goals on that list but these are the really big ones that I need to work on first.  And I am going to share this journey with you all right here on the blog.  So here is to new beginnings in 2016 and I hope you can stick around and share this journey with me.

Jennifer x




New product release Monday 16th November 2015

product release 20151116

Hello lovely’s I’m so sorry for being such a slacker with keep my website up to date but I was actually locked out for a while and have only just been able to work out what was wrong and log back in today.  If you follow me on any of my social media pages thought you would already know that I have a new product release today at 5pm for my newly designed nappy wallets over at the Made It store.  YEAH!!!!!!

They hold a 80 pack of wipes, has a middle pocket for your nappy sacks and can carry up to 4 large nappies. And as your wipes deplete you can add more goodies. Just unzip to access your nappy sacks and nappies and open the side pocket to get your wipes without having to pull everything out.

product release nappy wallets
new nappy wallet product release

There are 17 bright and trendy designs to chose from with another 10 on their way.  I have decided to finally make a few changes to Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs and you will see a few spot sales and a few items that will be discontinued from the shops.

nappy wallets available
nappy wallets available

I am also in the works to open my own online store next year so would love for you to stick around and check that one out.  And I have another product release due in January so stay tuned for that one as well.

This Saturday you will also find me at the Jimboomba markets so would love for you to stop by and say hi!!!

Have a lovely week,

Jennifer x


Kaisercraft scrapbook paper

I love looking through all the Kaisercraft scrapbook paper.  We have a Kaisercraft store about 20 mins away and which is write near my local haberdashery so I try to pop in whenever I can and checkout whats new.

I just love this white demask on pink paper I picked up for some new baby cards I am making and it keeps in with the vintage theme that I am trying to stick too.  I thought it would be nice to make a little change and add a heart as the background to the baby feet instead of the circles I have recently been using. DSC01932

I also picked up this gorgeous paper that has some beautiful writing on it that makes a great new baby boy gift card. And to add a little bit of bling I picked up a cute butterfly punch and added the diamante for a little sparkle.  This cards are a little bit smaller in size.  I usually make a 6 x 6 inch card but found some 5 x 5 inches the other week.

baby boy gift card

new baby boy gift cardIf you already follow me on Instagram you would probably have seen some of my pictures of my works in progress.  Its a great way to share behind the scenes.  And if you don’t follow my Instagram page then wait till you see what I have to share tomorrow.

Until then have a lovely day!

Jennifer x

PS do you like my new background for my cards, its Kaisercraft scrapbook paper too.




First birthday cake smash

Its a lovely chilly morning out here in Jimboomba Qld, Australia.  1 degrees under our back veranda while stand in my PJ’s and night gown trying to scare away the 8 cockatoos who thought they would have breakfast at my veggie garden, now passionfruit for us this year cheeky things they are.

I wanted to share a first birthday cake smash a friend of the family’s little boy had this year and I had the great pleasure in making a custom order Micky Mouse suspender set with bow tie and matching nappy cover. Isn’t he just adorable.


first birthday cake smash photo shoot.  Outfit by me
first birthday cake smash photo shoot. Outfit by me

905923_993019527397780_5684873774461869751_o (1)


The photos are by the lovely Leonie Jay Photography.  You must pop over to Leonie’s Facebook page and checkout all her great photo’s and maybe even book a session with her.

I’m just finishing off a few more baby cards which will be listed in the stores today.  But for now I am going to make another hot cup of coffee and maybe pop the fire back on because something tells me the house isn’t going to warm up today without.

How’s the weather were you are at today?

Jennifer xx


New twin and triplet cards

Hello my lovely’s

How has the year been treating you.  I thought it was about time I starting using the blog again.  I have been visiting every so often and I have changed the theme a couple of times but no posts which I am very ashamed of seeing how it was January I last blogged.

So for my first post I thought I would share the new cards that I have added to my stores and which have been very poplar for new baby twins and triplets.  What do you think?

baby twin triplets blog post 20150714


I am also still stocking my items at Bowerbird Boutique in Oxley so if you are in the Brisbane area why not pop in and say hi to Jenn and the team.  There are so many great times available as gifts, to decorate the home or just because you love it and must have it now.

I love popping in and seeing what is new and picking up a little something for myself or as a gift.  I recently picked up a handmade card and a gorgeous little terrarium in a gear as a gift for my sisters birthday but forgot to take a picture to share.

So what else has been happening at Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs, well I have some new baby rattles in the Made It store and a couple that are WIP and will be listed in the Etsy store later in the week.  I had lots of fun crocheting the maple rings and beads.  I love crochet and its my way of relaxing and de-stressing.

baby rattle with crochet maple ring and wooden beads for teething
grey fox print
baby teething rattle
baby rattle with crochet maple ring and wooden beads for teething
baby rabbit teething rattle
pink and grey bunny rabbit print

Looking for a unique baby gift well there is plenty of sets now in the Etsy store for you to choose from.  All have a bib and burp cloth with them but you can now also get swaddle blankets.  I have also chosen to not included the fabric gift bag with every set.

bib burp cloth swaddle blanket sets

penguin pink frozen snow flake swaddle blanket bib burp cloth set


So as you can see I have been very busy making sure that there are lots of goodies for you to choose from for your next baby or baby shower gift.  There is still lots more to come and I have a few new pram liners in Andrea Lauren designs.

Would love for you to stop by and say hello at my Facebook page and don’t forget you can keep up with all my new goodies on Instagram and Twitter.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Jennifer xx