My Made It Weekly Picks – Accessories


Decided to change the name of the post as I don’t always get to post on Monday due to commitments and life lol!!!

Thought I would have a look at accessories as I have been making a few headbands and beanie sets for a photographer friend.

So here are my lovely finds:

accessories Collage

  1. Silk Scarf Camera Strap by Little Miss Gee
  2. iPad/Tablet Cover by Boutique Creations
  3. Personalized Compact Mirror by DaniLu Designs
  4. Vintage Polarised Cufflinks by Rainbow Lollies
  5. Pink Kitty Cat Key ring by Joyfoolery
  6. Fabric Covered Button Hair Ties by Ethel & Dot
  7. Felted Jumper Fingerless Gloves by Body Parts, Gaye Abandon and
  8. Birdie Hair Clip by Eme Creations

Happy Shopping

Jennifer xx


2 thoughts on “My Made It Weekly Picks – Accessories”

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    Such a great collection of accessories from Madeit. Honoured to have my Polaroid camera cufflinks to be featured here

    Cassie from Rainbow Lollies

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