Custom Orders

Well it was a busy week last week with custom orders for two lovely ladies. The first was a nappy wallet with fabric chosen by the customer.


I added a zipper to the wipes case pocket this time instead of inserting the case from an opening on the side.  I’m thinking I might start making the wallets this way from now on only I will make a pocket behind the wipes case just for some extra added space.   I’m even thinking I might start making coordinating change mats, what do you think?


The second order, the customer actually supplied the fabric.  1 set of Compact Strider Liners and a matching set of car seat liners.  I just love the fabric that I had to use especially the tree fabric, so lovely to work with.

20130610_160544 20130610_160759

I also celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary over the weekend and hubby and I were lucky enough to have our room upgraded to the honeymoon suite for free and we had a great dinner at our favourite restaurant, Ashmore Steak and Seafood.  I have been going to this restaurant since we discovered it back in 1999 and the meals have always been perfect, highly recommend this place.

IMG_20130608_202007 IMG_20130608_215350

Anyway hope you all enjoyed your weekend even if it was cold and rainy.


Jennifer xx


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