New Trolley Cover with bag

Yes that’s right I have redesigned my trolley covers and they now come with their very own bag that you can fold you cover down into for easy storage/carrying.

trolley cover in bag

The bag is attached to the bag of the cover and acts as a pocket to keep all your goodies in why out and about in the shops.  But when it’s time to go home just simple roll the cover up and fold into the bag.

  boy dinasour trolley cover back bag pocket 

This is the first of many to come to both of my stores and will also be available for the twin trolley’s as well.

 boy dinasour trolley cover front toy hook 

Cover still comes with the toy hook.

Jennifer xx



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I am a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome little man. I first started my blog as a place that I could share my love of sewing, anything crafty, cooking and working in my vegetable garden. I have always enjoyed making handmade gifts for family and friends and just before Christmas 2010 I started drafting designs for items that I wanted to make for myself for when my little man came into the world. With a little bit of convincing from my family and friends I decided to make and sell these items. You can follow me also on and on Facebooks, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

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