Goals for 2016

Hello Lovely’s

24 days to Christmas!!! I know I’m sorry for reminding you and if it helps I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas presents from Santa, but what I have been doing is reflecting back on the past year  and having a good hard look at Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs.  Looking at what I am currently doing and deciding what it is I really want to do and where I need to start.

And it helped that I was lucky enough to be selected as  a recipient of a scholarship this year with Ausmumpreneurs to complete their 28 day challenge and my first weeks assignment was to write down my strengths, opportunities, aspirations and reflections.

So what are my plans/goals for Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs, well firstly I had a long hard look at what I am currently creating and what I would love to continue to make and what I needed to discontinue.  See my problem is that I love to sew and I get so many ideas and instead of writing them down and putting them away until I have finished what I am currently doing, I actually drop everything and have to make it straight away.  And just because I think its a great idea doesn’t necessarily mean that others love, need or want them.

The next thing on my goal list is to create distinct product lines for my store.  This is something I have already started to do with redesigning my nappy wallets.  I already have a little list of things to follow but firstly I would like to just concentrate on these until I can get my product out there and create a demand.

And thirdly, I would love to open my own online store.  I have loved my selling experience with the Madeit.com and Etsy.com selling platforms but i think that it is time that I stood on my own to feet so to speak.  But most importantly and top of my list is my family and creating a better family/work life balance.  It helps that my little man starts school next year which means that I will have my nights and weekends back and I can give them my full attention during this time while concentrating on Bits & Bobs 4 Bubs while they are at work/school.

There are a few little more goals on that list but these are the really big ones that I need to work on first.  And I am going to share this journey with you all right here on the blog.  So here is to new beginnings in 2016 and I hope you can stick around and share this journey with me.

Jennifer x




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I am a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome little man. I first started my blog www.eatcraftsow.blogspot.com as a place that I could share my love of sewing, anything crafty, cooking and working in my vegetable garden. I have always enjoyed making handmade gifts for family and friends and just before Christmas 2010 I started drafting designs for items that I wanted to make for myself for when my little man came into the world. With a little bit of convincing from my family and friends I decided to make and sell these items. You can follow me also on http://bitsbobs4bubs.blogspot.com/ and on Facebooks, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter

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