First birthday cake smash

Its a lovely chilly morning out here in Jimboomba Qld, Australia.  1 degrees under our back veranda while stand in my PJ’s and night gown trying to scare away the 8 cockatoos who thought they would have breakfast at my veggie garden, now passionfruit for us this year cheeky things they are.

I wanted to share a first birthday cake smash a friend of the family’s little boy had this year and I had the great pleasure in making a custom order Micky Mouse suspender set with bow tie and matching nappy cover. Isn’t he just adorable.


first birthday cake smash photo shoot.  Outfit by me
first birthday cake smash photo shoot. Outfit by me

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The photos are by the lovely Leonie Jay Photography.  You must pop over to Leonie’s Facebook page and checkout all her great photo’s and maybe even book a session with her.

I’m just finishing off a few more baby cards which will be listed in the stores today.  But for now I am going to make another hot cup of coffee and maybe pop the fire back on because something tells me the house isn’t going to warm up today without.

How’s the weather were you are at today?

Jennifer xx