New!!!!! Trolley Mat

Its been a while since I have been on the blog and I thought what a great way to get back into posting then introducing my new product, The Trolley Mat!!!!.  I actually designed and made one of these for my little man instead of using a trolley cover.

trolley mat/cover
newly designed trolley mat/cover

I was after something that would fit in my nappy bag and wasn’t necessarily to prevent germs  but so that his ride in the trolley was a comfortable one.    As you can see I still have to cut out the leg holes and the seatbelt anchors but they will be listed and available later on today.

owl print trolley mat/cover
owl trolley mat/covers

To fold the liner all you need to do is fold it in half and then roll it up.  At the top of the liner there is an elastic band that you use to keep it rolled.  It also has plastic snaps so that you can easily secure it to the trolley.

elastic to secure mat
elastic to secure mat
fold liner in half
fold liner in half
roll mat to the top where elastic is to secure
with elastic at the top end away from you, roll the mat all the way to the end
wrap elastic around mat to secure
wrap elastic around the rolled up mat to secure

Here is my little man showing of the original mat that I made for his shopping trolley rides.  As you can see it is also a perfect fit for the trolleys with both a capsule and toddler seat.

original trolley mat
Ethan modeling his trolley mat
view from behind
view of the cover/mat from behind


Would love to know what your think!